Engineering Group

The Art of Engineering - Our Passion

Complete Solutions for Energy, Infrastructure and the Environment

IM Maggia Engineering AG and IUB Engineering AG are general planners for infrastructural facilities and have been offering sophisticated engineering services for over 40 years in the specialist areas of power station construction, tunnel construction, hydraulic engineering and general civil engineering. We also have profound knowledge of project management and implementation of electromechanical equipment and infrastructure constructions. Our services include consultation, studies and concepts, project planning, project management, construction and installation management and commissioning.

Around 280 committed employees across the group of companies ensure expert implementation of our contracts. Our core competencies include planning and implementing challenging infrastructure projects in the fields of hydraulic engineering, excavation, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, automation, telecommunications and IT.

Owned by Our Staff

Since 1970

IM and IUB belong to Engineering Beteiligungsgeselleschaft, founded in 1970. Its shares are owned entirely by the current employees of the two subsidiaries. Both companies are completely independent of third parties and entirely dedicated to the interests of their customers. IM and IUB have about 280 employees at a number of locations in Switzerland and so are always close to customers and their projects. A single management team manages the operations of both companies, which ensures the best use of resources and expertise. It heads the Engineering Group.

A Competent Team

For innovative and economical solutions

Our engineers, technicians, construction managers, draughtsmen and specialists in various disciplines all work together in close cooperation. Our teams are geared to individual project objectives and the specific requirements of the customer to ensure provision of all the engineering services needed. Our multidisciplinary approach enables us to successfully tackle even the most complex high-tech projects with seamless coordination. We believe in being honest and open with our partners and customers, and that creating a relationship based on trust is vital to the success of every project. We create innovative and economic solutions because everything we do is focused on your projects and aspirations.

Our Experts – Our Greatest Asset

We rely on training and further education

Highly trained, well motivated employees are the key to our success. Ongoing training ensures that our specialist knowledge is always up to date and that we use the latest tools and procedures. To this end we collaborate closely with universities, public authorities and engineering associations.

Most of our employees have years of experience and we value ongoing practical training. Our project engineers benefit from their previous experience as construction Managers.