A9 Visp South Bypass, Re-opening of the Vispertal Tunnel

Construction works are progressing well on the Visp by-pass of the A9 motorway. Becoming part of the western section of the by-pass, the existing Vispertal Tunnel was refurbished as the future south tube. Where the oncoming traffic from Zermatt is going to be diverted to the north tube leading to Sion/Lausanne, a 100 m long underground branching cavern was built over18 months, while the existing access tunnel has been upgraded to meet modern safety standards.

Traffic has been temporarily restricted to one lane in each direction, but is already being routed through the new “Schwarzer Graben” portal.

The Vispertal Tunnel was re-opened on schedule on 11th April 2017. Running parallel to this, the north tube is still under construction, as is the east end of the south tube.