Main Inspection (Assessment of Condition) of Engineering Structures–Lot 4b

  • Planning and preparation of inspections in collaboration with the territorial unit
  • Main inspection (condition assessment) of the structures on-site using KUBA-Mobile and photo documentation of identified deficiencies
  • Preparation of an inspection report according to the KUBA model with an assessment of the condition of the en-tire structure and all components
  • Preparation of an overview table with the condition of each structure

Main Data

  • Viaducts (L > 300 m') :  7 units
  • Medium-sized structures (L > 100 m): 13 units
  • Small structures: (L <100 m): 7 units
  • Underpasses: 18 units
  • Overpasses: 17 units
  • Passages: 7 units
  • Retaining walls: 15 units


Federal Roads Office (ASTRA), Estavayer-le-Lac Branch


IUB Engineering AG (lead partner) in consortium

Construction period


Scope of services

  • Planning and preparation of inspections
  • On-site inspections (condition assessments) of the engineering structures
  • Preparation of an inspection report for each individual structure
  • Monitoring of implementation