NEAT Lötschberg Base Tunnel, Power Supply Infrastructure 16 kV 50 Hz

The system for the 50 Hz power supply will be supplied from the 16.7 Hz network of local energy supply companies and independently of the 16.7 Hz power traction supply. This is BKW FMB Energie AG in the case of the feed-in for the transformer stations of the Frutigen operation centre and Mitholz substation. Feed-in for the transformer stations of the Raron operations centre at the Niedergesteln portal and the Ferden access gallery is from the utility Walliser Elektrizitätsgesellschaft (WEG). The energy can be supplied either for the northern section of the tunnel by BKW and for the southern section by WEG or the energy can be supplied entirely by just one utility (BKW or WEG). To ensure uninterrupted switching can take place the two 16 kV supply networks of BKW and WEG must be able to be interconnected briefly (few seconds). Due to the different phasing of the networks it was necessary to install additional transformers 16 kV / 16 kV in the operation centres Mitholz Ost and Mitholz West.


BLS AlpTransit AG


IUB Engineering AG

Construction period


Construction costs

CHF 4.7 million

Scope of services

Planning of the traction power supply

  • Preparation of a detailed concept
  • Preparation of the preliminary project
  • Tendering, evaluation of bids
  • Construction supervision