Lagobianco Pumped Storage Power Plant – Owner’s Engineer

Repower is planning the 1000 MW Lagobianco Pumped Storage Power Plant between Lago Bianco (upper reservoir) and Lago di Poschiavo (lower reservoir). Water will reach the underground powerhouse in Camp Martin via a 18 km pressure tunnel and 2.5 km pressure shaft, where 6 ternary machine units process 95 m3/s and 74 m3/s in turbine and pump mode respectively. The tailrace water flows back into Lago di Poschiavo via 2 tailrace pressure tunnels.


Repower AG, Poschiavo


IUB Engineering AG in consortium with IM Maggia Engineering AG

Construction period


Construction costs

Approx. CHF 2.5 bn (investment sum)

Scope of services

Scope of owner’s engineering services

  • Preliminary design: Review/optimisation of the concept for the entire plant and support with preparing the concession file
  • Design, tendering, execution and construction supervision of the exploratory tunnel
  • Preparation of the tender for the general planner of the main plant and planner of the ancillary systems for the phases construction and permit design as well as execution
  • Support to the project management in detailed design of the main and ancillary systems for the fields of construction, steel hydraulics, electromechanics and electrical engineering, power transmission, ventilation and fire protection
  • Advice on organisational and technical project management (schedule and cost control, coordination planning, second opinion on material management, development, installations, construction processes, construction methods)
  • Processing of special topics: 3D-CFD simulation of the intake and outlet structure of Lago di Poschiavo, concepts for installation sites, development of the construction ropeway, site and concept for pipe production facility