Giesse Pendulum Ramp (Giessenhof, Municipality of Belp)

The branch of the River Giesse, which had formed between Aare dam and Bern-Belpmoos Airport following the floods in 2005, prevented a guaranteed residual flow downstream of the water intake of Giessenhof trout farm in Belp municipality. A study was conducted to determine how to improve the necessary residual flow in the River Giesse, ensure essential water usage for the operational security of the trout farm, maintain the floodplain habitat as well as to improve passability for fish. To guarantee the operational security of Giessenhof trout farm through extraction of the required amount of water from the Giesse and maintain the prevailing environmental and fishing authority conditions, water intake in the Giesse had to be optimised. By means of

  • a new pendulum ramp,
  • a cross-dyke (earth dam) in the side channel,
  • a cut-off from the pendulum ramp into the side channel,
  • and optimised water extraction (bulk-heads),

it was possible to safeguard the operational security of Giessenhof trout farm and at the same time maintain the floodplain habitat by ensuring residual water flow and fish passability in the River Giesse.

Main Data

  • Total gross head: H = 0.75m
  • Gross head per bar: H = 0.15m
  • Number of pools: n = 4
  • Total length: L = 23m
  • Average gradient: I = 3.0%
  • Design discharge: HQ100 = 4 m3/s


Guibert Pisciculture SA, 3125 Belp


IUB Engineering AG

Construction period


Scope of services

SIA phases 31-53