K15 Rain - Hildisrieden, Cycle Lane and Resurfacing

The K15 cantonal road between Rain (Sandblatten) and Hildisrieden has no cycle or pedestrian route. This section of the existing cantonal road is in poor condition. Damage to the surface and varying road width impact road safety. Existing road drainage is also defective in places.

The boundaries of the project on the K15 stretch from the roundabout at Sandblatten to Hildisrieden. The project has also included the roundabout at Sandblatt in its planning for the cycle path. The section of the K15 between Rain (Sandblatten) and Hildisrieden will be adjusted to the standard profile and a cycle path will be constructed in stages during single-lane traffic operation.


Verkehr und Infrastruktur (vif), Lucerne (Department of Transport and Infrastructure)


IUB Engineering Ltd.

Construction period


Scope of services

  • Tendering
  • Execution design project
  • Implementation