HEPP Gondo - renewal MG 3 / Switzerland

  • Replacement of the horizontal axis Pelton turbine with a vertical axis group with increased power
  • New synchronous generator suitable for phase shifter operation
  • Replacement of the spherical valve with larger diameter
  • New, independent tailwater channel for the MG 3
  • Installation of a directionally separated diaphragm at the inlet of the water lock to control the transient processes due to increased flow
  • Modification of the building roof for the collection of power house components
  • New independent cooling water system with emergency supply from penstock
  • New protective devices and machinery group controls

Main Data

  • Turbine: 1 Pelton, vertical
  • Power: 18'680 kW
  • Nominal flow: 4.5 m3/s
  • Nominal head: 460 m
  • Speed: 600 min-1
  • Impeller diameter: 1488 mm
  • Generator: direct coupling
  • Power: 25 MVA


Energie Electrique du Simplon AG, c/o Alpiq SA, Lausanne


IM Maggia Engineering Ltd, Locarno

Construction period

2013–2017, commissioning June 2017

Construction costs

CHF 12 Mio.

Scope of services

  • Preliminary design
  • Construction design
  • Call for tender
  • Construction design
  • Construction and supervision
  • Final testing
  • Commissioning