N08 Interlaken East-Brienz Maintenance Project, Tunnels

The rehabilitation of the road tunnel which went into operation in 1988 is part of the maintenance project of the N08 between Interlaken east and Brienz. The objective of the measures is to preserve structures and increase safety in the tunnels. This includes among others the repair of concrete, renewal of tunnel lining and replacement of road surfaces.

To increase safety in the tunnels new carriageway drainage, new cable conduits in the hard shoulders and a new tunnel ventilation system will be installed. The tunnel control centres will be expanded to include additional service rooms for the complete replacement of operating and safety systems. The existing intermediate ceiling in Giessbach Tunnel will be upgraded in case of fire and controllable exhaust flaps for the new ventilation system will  be installed.  This also involves the reconstruction of the existing ventilation station at the portals. All works in the tunnel have to be conducted during the night while the tunnel is closed.

Main Data

  • Giessbach Tunnel 3,340 m
  • Chüebalm Tunnel 1,325 m
  • Sengg Tunnel 864 m


Federal Roads Office (ASTRA), Infrastructure Branch, Thun


IUB Engineering Ltd in consortium

Construction period

From 2019

Construction costs

CHF 101 Mio.

Scope of services

  • Concept of measures
  • Series of measures
  • Implementation project
  • Tendering