A9 Visp South Bypass, Junction III

The existing Vispertal Tunnel was completely closed for 18 months while an underground half-junction (junction III) was constructed. When Visp South Bypass is ultimately opened junction III will direct traffic from the Vispertäler towards Sion to the so-called overpass tunnel. Simultaneously to building the new junction, the southern section and a portion of the northern part of the existing Vispertal Tunnel were rehabilitated. In these two sections the hard shoulder and the carriageway were replaced. All contractors and subcontractors had to execute all of their works in part simultaneously during the 18-month construction period. Junction III as well as the remaining Vispertal Tunnel were handed over to the client on schedule.

Main Data

  • Junction III: 131 m
  • Concrete demolition: 2,000m3
  • Blasting: 12,000 m3
  • Rehabilitation of southern section: 600 m


Department of Transport, Construction and Environment of Valais Canton, Office of National Road Construction


IUB Engineering Ltd in consortium

Construction period


Construction costs

CHF 22 Mio.

Scope of services

From preliminary study and project to detailed design and tendering, to implementation, construction management and subsequent commissioning.