Bern / Forsthaus West, Waste Incineration Plant, Lot 1 Main Connection - Connecting Structures

To connect the new Bern/Forsthaus West incinerator plant to the existing infrastructure of the old Warmbächliweg plant a passable tunnel for utility lines was constructed using the micro-tunnelling method. In addition, 4 connecting structures were also built using in-situ concrete and the cut-and-cover method (junction shaft, valve chamber, distribution shaft with emergency exit and riser shaft in the new construction Forsthaus West). In each of the connecting structures an opening is planned for entering or removing pipes and fittings. Access for persons is only via the emergency exit, junction shaft and valve chamber. The riser shaft is only meant for bridging the gap between the utility tunnel and the new construction of the Bern/Forsthaus West incineration plant and to compensate for the difference in length of the district heating lines as well as the mounting opening of the utility tunnel. In the riser shaft preparations are being made for a later optional installation of crane equipment with electric hoist(2t). The riser shaft was also equipped with lighting, exhaust air duct for the ventilation system and steel steps. The valve chamber serves as a connection to the existing district heating main distribution line Freiburgstrasse, the groundwater recovery Freiburgstrasse (industrial water), as access and escape route of the utility tunnel as well as main distribution of the power supply, e.g. for industrial water and sump water pumps, remote controllable fittings and ventilation station.


Energie Wasser Bern, ewb


IUB Engineering Ltd in consortium

Construction period


Construction costs

Microtunneling: CHF 6.7 Mio. / Shaft constructions: CHF 4 Mio.

Scope of services

  • Study of alternatives, pre-project, detailed project for construction
  • Construction project
  • Tendering and bid evaluation
  • Project execution
  • Construction supervision