Replacement of Utility Lines III DN 400 an IV DN 600, Könizbergerwald-Bodenweid

The water transmission lines from Könizberg Reservoir (utility lines SL III ST DN 400 and SL IV ST DN 600) were replaced.Various new valve shafts for regulating the network and quality control, for ventilation and venting as well as for drainage and flushing valves were constructed.In addition, the 5-bar HD gas transmission line (ST DN 300) parallel to SL III was partly replaced. This crosses the sportsfield and a pedestrian underpass below the national Bern-Freibourg road. The detailed design comprised the new pipeline route and various valve shafts in the forest, a pedestrian underpass crossing below the motorway, a sportsfield and cantonal road. In close cooperation with ewb the pipe installation details for the nodal points incl. monitoring and controlling systems were developed. The supervision of pipe engineering was undertaken by ewb, IUB represented ewb and its project management and supervision team was responsible for overall coordination of works. Services also included preparation of plans for forest clearance and afforestation incl. negotiations with the forest owner (Municipality of Bern) and authorisation discussions with the Federal Roads Office (ASTRA) and the Office of Forests of Bern Canton.

Main Data

  • Length of new 5-bar HD gas transmission system ST DN 300: 400m
  • Length of new water transsmission line ST DN 600: 1,100 m
  • Length of new water transmission line ST DN 400: 1,800 m
  • Total length of new water transmission lines: 2,900 m


Energie Wasser Bern, ewb


IUB Engineering Ltd (2005-2009)

Construction period


Construction costs

Total execution costs: CHF 5.9 Mio, of which pipe construction: CHF 2.6 Mio.

Scope of services

  • Alternative study
  • Preliminary project and planning project
  • Approval process
  • Construction project
  • Detailed design
  • Tendering and evaluation of bids
  • Project execution
  • Construction supervision, incl. representing owner in supervision for pipe engineering works