Replacement of the Gas, Water and Electrical Systems in Bärengraben-Burgernziel-Wittigkofen / Elfenau District

As part of extensive gas network pressure adjustment in Bern-Kirchenfeld/Schosshalde the 0.1-bar-LD and 5-bar-HD gas supply system had to be  constructed or partially replaced over a total length of 1,520 m. A new gas regulation station (A-Station) was built. In addition the drinking water mains and distribution system, the electricity system of the MV and LV network incl. street lighting were partly replaced. This also included replacement of the network connections to the aforementioned media.

Due to the heavy traffic volume at Burgernziel roundabout and in Murisstrasse trenchless construction took place as well as open trench work.

  • Controlled thrust-boring DN 600 for gas, water and electrical systems: in total 6 pcs. with lengths of 25 to 45 m
  • Relining of a gas pipeline ST DN 300 Cat. with ST DN 200 FCM Cat.: 150 m

Main Data

  • Length of new 5-bar-HD gas transmission line ST DN 300: FCM CAT 500m
  • Length of new 5 bar HD gas transmission line ST DN 250: FCM CAT 270m
  • Length of replaced 0.1 bar LD gas transmission system PE DN 150: 750m
  • Number of replaced gas house connections: 20 pcs.
  • Length of replaced drinking water mains ST DN 300: CM/FCM CAT 500 m
  • Length of replaced drinking water mains ductile cast DN 250: CM/FCM CAT 180 m
  • Length of replaced drinking water distribution pipes PE DN 150: 570 m
  • Number of replaced hydrangts: 11
  • Number of replaced house connections for water: 40
  • Total length of replaced cable conduits: 690 m
  • Number of new distribution boxes: 6
  • Number of new cable shafts: 5
  • Number of replaced house connections for electricity: 36


Energie Wasser Bern, ewb


IUB Engineering Ltd, 2005-2010

Construction period


Construction costs

Apprix. CHF 4.35 Mio.

Scope of services

  • Study of alternatives
  • Construction project(s)
  • Tendering and evaluation of bidsProject execution incl. design of electricity cabling
  • Sub-project management and owner’s engineering services for electrical works
  • Construction supervision