Zeughausgasse/Waaghausgasse, Central Bern, Replacement of Gas, Water and Power Systems

Replacement of gas, water and power systems as well as the intake structure of the transformer station within the UNESCO world heritage site perimeter of the old town of Bern. Mainly ongoing planning due to space restrictions underground and partly due to the complex and dense infra-structure. Coordination of all archaeological construction supervision, all consecutive steps both in terms of time and place, as well as the requirements of various administrations, businesses and residents. Execution works were conducted under heavy traffic conditions due to delivery vans and foot traffic (for this reason works were partly conducted at night) as well as vari-ous larger parallel archaeological excavations.

Main Data

  • Water pipeline PE 160/130: approx. 150m
  • Gas line PE 180/147: approx. 60m
  • Cable shafts total: approx. 280m of which > than 4 PE 132/120: ca. 250m
  • Construction of a new intake transformer station (5x3x4.2m): 1 pc
  • Construction of new cable conduit (5x1.5x2m): 1 pc
  • Replaced network connections: 27 pcs


ewb, Energie Wasser Bern


IUB Engineering AG

Construction period


Construction costs

CHF 1'300'000

Scope of services

Surveying, study of alternatives, construction project, tendering, project execution, construction supervision