Construction of Municipal Line III DN400, HP-Gas Pipe Route 100 DN300, Könizbergwald Node to the Valve Shaft in Huberstrasse

Replacement of the SL III ST DN400mm water transmission line coated with CM/FCM CAT from the node at Köniz-bergwald to the node in Huberstrasse crossing under Turnierstrasse and BLS railway lines at Fischermätteli. The high-pressure 5 bar route 100 ST DN300mm gas pipeline coated with FCM CAT was simultaneously replaced between Bodenweid and Huberstrasse.
The new water transmission pipe connects municipal line III Reservoir Köniz-Freiburgstrasse with the regional line in Huberstrasse.

Main Data

  • Temporary forest clearance and reforestation: 7,800m2
  • Haul route:
    • Width: 4m
    • Length: 600m
  • Landfill space: 2,200 m2
  • Pipe-jacking in Turnierstrasse: 30m
  • Pipe-jacking to cross rail tracks: 42m
  • Length of excavation work:
    • in forest area: 600m
    • in traffic: 300m
  • HP gas pipeline 5 bar ST DN300mm: 900m
  • Water transmission line ST DN400mm: 900m


ewb, Energie Wasser Bern


IUB Engineering AG

Construction period


Construction costs

CHF 2'900'000

Scope of services

Construction design, detailed design and design for approval, tendering, implementation, construction supervision