Construction of a New Water Transmission Line, Amerikaegge, Steffisburg-Heimberg

Construction of a water transmission line between Amerikaegge, Heimberg and Steffisburg near Thun, incl. construction of a pipeline to the existing Thun supply network (as far as Steffisburg shaft with the two connecting pipes to the Steffisburg and Thun networks) as well as to Heimberg (as far as Dählhölzli pumping station) and to the Blattenheid water supply system (as far as Uetendorf pumping station). The Wasserversorgung Region Thun AG  water utility is planning a new groundwater well for the entire Thun region around Amerikaegge (municipality of Uetendorf, below ARA Region Thunersee). This was triggered by the planned Thun North bypass, which partly passes through the protection zone of the Burgergut catchment, which as a result reduces the protection zone and massively cuts the current output flow.

Main Data

  • ST DN 600 FCM/CMC : 1,900m
  • ST DN 500 FCM/CMC : 700m
  • ST DN 400 FCM/CMC : 600m
  • Pipe-jacking ST DN 1000 : 51m


Wasserversorgung Region Thun AG (WARET)


IUB Engineering AG

Construction period


Construction costs

CHF 4'100'000 (CHF 1'500'000 for master constructor, CHF 2'600'000 for pipe construction)

Scope of services

Construction design, tendering, implementation (routing, underground engineering and pipeline technology)