Construction of New Wastewater Inspection Shafts Chasseralstrasse, Blinzernstrasse, Brückenstrasse, Köniz

Replacement of wastewater inspection shaft DN600/900/1100mm (depth: 2.60m)  in Chasseralstrasse. Backfilling and decommissioning of the DN300mm sewer upto Spiegelstrasse.
Replacement of inspection shaft  DN600/900/1100mm (depth: 3.79m) on the DN300mm sewer in the pavement on Blinzernstrasse. Backfilling and decommissioning of the existing DN300mm sewer in Blinzernstrasse. New connection of the sewage pipe of a  property to the new inspection shaft by means of a gooseneck.

Construction of an additional opening in the inspection shaft DN800mm (depth: 5.46m) on the existing sewer DN2200mm in Brückenstrasse. The trench was drilled vertically with a DN1200mm steel pipe to be able to maintain the water drainage at a mean groundwater level of ca. 2.0m below the upper edge. The shaft was constructed with a watertight spun concrete pipe (inner diameter 80mm) with wedge-shaped sliding seal.

Main Data

  • No. of inspection shafts DN600/900/1100mm: 2
  • No. of inspection shafts DN600/800/1200mm: 1


Municipality of Köniz


IUB Enigineering Ltd

Construction period


Construction costs

CHF 150'000

Scope of services

Detailed design, tendering, construction supervision