A1 Bern Expressway Subproject C6.2 - Era C, Bethlehem – Neufeld, Repair of Bridge Pillars

Under a subcontract to the overall rehabilitation project all freestanding bridge pillars in spray zones were repaired and reinforced following prior examination.

Repair of the components included exposure of reinforcement which had been affected by pitting corrosion, stripping of chloride-contaminated concrete, and new construction with precast of an additional 100 mm thick armoured layer of SCC concrete.

The reinforcement of the structures was implemented in view of new ASTRA guidelines on the control of impact forces. This was achieved by expanding and anchoring the foundation slabs and constructing new guide walls where the freestanding bridge pillars are located.

Main Data

  • Repair of concrete on 11 structures: 360 m2
  • Reinforcement of 8 structures (reinforced concrete): 560 m3


Federal Roads Office (ASTRA), Thun Branch


IUB Engineering Ltd

Construction period


Construction costs

CHF 1.0 million

Scope of services

  • Structural examinations
  • Planning
  • On-site supervision