Cantonal Road No. 11 / Innertkirchen – Susten, Repair of Wylerbrücke Bridge

Robert Maillart’s (1872–1940) bridge, Wylerbrücke, is listed as a building of historical importance. Consequently, the maintenance concept had to pay special attention to aspects of design and maintenance.

Due to the condition of the structure and the demands of heavy traffic (40 t) and the footpath (1.50 m) it was necessary to either conduct substantial repairs and reinforce the bridge or build a new one. For topographical reasons only the current location would have been suitable for a new build. This on the one hand would have meant demolition of a bridge of historical importance, and on the other hand, would have required construction of an expensive and cumbersome temporary bridge.

As per the restoration concept, the repair and reinforcement of the bridge could be carried out much more economically than a new construction. This was mainly due to the possibility of allowing traffic to continuously flow on one lane over the existing structure with the aid of an elevated, temporary bridge. Furthermore, it meant preservation of an important bridge. The outcome of the repair work is a sturdy, permanent structure

Main Data

  • L x W = 39.00 x 8.50 m
  • (Arch span 25 m)
  • Demolition 345 m3
  • Drilled starter bars 1,050 pcs.
  • Concretum C-Dry concrete 251 m3


Civil Engineering Office of Bern Canton, OIK I


IUB Engineering AG in consortium

Construction period


Construction costs

CHF 1.7 million

Scope of services

  • Site supervision
  • Construction management