Maintenance Plan Brienz - Brünigpass Gnoll Expansion – Wacht Curve, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of Road / Infrastructure

Widening of lane in one direction to upgrade the route with a bicycle lane. Preparation of a concept of measures required and plan of action, including comparison of different options, design options, geological assessments, surveying etc.

The boundary of the project starts where the road from Meiringen joins (Gnoll) and finishes just before the Wacht curve. This is the steepest and highest section of the road before reaching the pass.

  • The aim is to improve conditions through a series of economic and well thought out measures.
  • Road safety will be improved, in particular for cyclists.

Main Data

  • Length of stretch approx. 890 m


Federal Roads Office (ASTRA)


IUB Engineering AG

Construction period


Construction costs

CHF 13 Mio.

Scope of services

  • Concept of necessary measures
  • Plan of action
  • Approval project
  • Approval process