Port Basin 3, Basel, Subproject Port Basin

SBB Cargo (a subsidiary of Swiss Federal Railways) and Port of Switzerland are jointly planning a tri-modal container terminal / hub in north Basel. The project has been divided into two subprojects. The landside terminal (rail, road, cargo handling) is managed as a subproject by SBB Cargo. Port of Switzerland is planning the inland shipping connection to the terminal with port basin 3.

The port basin subproject consists of the following main components:

  • Port basin 3 and waiting position in port basin 2
  • Crossing of the “Grenzstrasse” road (bridge construction, road, drainage, etc.)
  • Construction to include the pier columns of the A2 “Grenzbrücke” bridge
  • Crossing of the dock railway approach tracks (bridge construction, construction of rail tracks, other rail facilities, drainage, etc.)
  • Crossing of the access route to the transshipment terminal or alternatively planning of a new access route to the terminal via “Grenzstrasse” road

Main Data

  • Grenzstrasse (road) 300 m
  • Grenzstrasse Bridge 60 m
  • Dock railway 400 m
  • Dock railway bridge 70 m
  • Port basin 3

L = 330 m, W = 40 / 90 m


Port of Switzerland, Schweizerische Rheinhäfen


IUB Engineering AG

Construction period

2014 / 2020

Construction costs

CHF 100 million

Scope of services

  • Preliminary design
  • Design for construction
  • Detailed design