Construction of Haus Bristen, Foundation for People with Disabilities Schattdorf

Haus Bristen will be used for multiple purposes. In addition to therapy rooms and group rooms, there are also plans for offices, cloakrooms and a cafeteria. High load-bearing demands must be met due to the multi-purpose use of the building and diverse space allocation. The building consists of three storeys above ground and one basement floor. A shelter will be installed on the basement floor. Due to the inhomogenous soil within the project perimeter, hollow pockets (Cobiax) will be inserted into the ceilings to reduce building load.

Main Data

  • Total floor space: 6,590 m2
  • Building volume: 22,990 m3


Foundation for Disabled People (SBU), Uri


Projekta AG + Architekt

Construction period


Construction costs

CHF 17.5 million

Scope of services

Basic design, design for construction, static calculations, tendering, construction management