K36 Lammschlucht Gorge, Arch Bridge at the End of the Gorge

The bridge in the Lammschlucht Gorge is a sandstone arch bridge which was built in 1916. The carriageway slab was extended in 1956. Due to crack formations the arch and foundation were reinforced with steel clasps. A deep-anchored foundation with embedded steel clasps was inserted into the lower foundation.

Main Data

  • Steel clasps: 13 pcs.
  • Concrete: 10 m3
  • Swiss-Gewi anchor: 42 m


Lucerne Canton Construction Directorate, Office for Transport and Infrastructure, Construction Department


IUB Engineering AG

Construction period


Construction costs

CHF 115,000

Scope of services

  • Construction project
  • Tendering
  • Implementation project
  • Site supervision