K36 Lammschlucht Gorge, Oberlammberg Retaining Wall

A spontaneous landslide occurred on 28.08.10 causing damage to the forest and the retaining wall on the valley side (incl. the foundations). The Oberlammberg retaining wall was thereby hollowed out. It provides support for the K36 cantonal road (Schüpfheim - Flühli) on the valley side to the Lammschlucht Gorge. To secure the retaining structure with respect to the road and the existing embankment a deep-anchored retaining wall was designed. The anchoring depth of the micropiles and anchors was selected for penetration through several deep fissures of the rock. The fissures will be connected through the ejection of the micropiles and anchors.

Main Data

  • Concrete: 45 m3
  • Swiss-Gewi anchor: 120 m


Lucerne Canton (vif – Transport and Infrastructure Department), Building Section


IUB Engineering AG

Construction period


Construction costs

CHF 200,000

Scope of services

  • Implementation project
  • Statics
  • Site supervision