Cantonal Road K2 Lucerne Meggen, Seeburgstrasse

On 18.02.2010 at Salzfass, a rockfall occurred from the natural rock wall on the mountain side of the Seeburgstrasse 62 and which reached the K2cantonal road Lucerne –Meggen. During the initial clear-up work several critical rock blocks were identified in the 10-15m high rock slope consisting mainly of weathered sandstone. There was a particularly precarious section in the north-western part which could pose a future hazard for the road and its users. During an inspec-tion of the Seeburg rock wall for an up-date of the Lucerne hazard map in winter 2009, a triangular chunk several cubic metres large was identified resting on an old support. The support now looks like a section split off from the cliff by a fissure, probably caused by a light push of the unstable rock mass. The two rock walls, Salzfass and Seeburg were secured against possible collapse using partial rock stabilisation (shotcrete, nails and bottom-set nets).

Main Data

  • Shotcrete: 80 t
  • Deltax bottom-set net: 170 m2
  • Swiss-Gewi anchor: 300 m


Lucerne Canton (vif – Transport and Infrastructure Department), Roads In-spectorate (KSI)


IUB Engineering AG in consortium

Construction period


Construction costs

CHF 210,000

Scope of services

  • Construction project
  • Implementation project
  • Site supervision