Supervision of Works for FTTH (Central Communication and Information Point) and Dark Fibre

IUB was retained by ewl Kabelnetz AG (glass fibre) to provide construction supervision for various macro cells (FTTH) and for dark fibre.

Main Data

  • Dark fibre connections: 35
  • No. of central communication and information points: 52
  • Connected buildings: 600
  • Housing units: 3'500
  • Fibre optic cables: 30'000


Energie Wasser Luzern (ewl)


IUB Engineering AG

Construction period


Construction costs

Approx. CHF 3 million

Scope of services

  • Preparation of demolition applications
  • Coordination with traffic engineering
  • Coordination with construction company
  • Preparation of information notices for residents
  • Consultations with property owners
  • Bordering of building materials from ewl equipment and materials depot
  • Preparation of acceptance reports