Hydraulic Engineering and Flood Protection

Water is vital. We all depend on pure drinking water and healthy river habitats, we use its energy to generate electricity in hydroelectric power stations and build flood defences to protect ourselves from its awesome power. We take all of these factors into account when producing innovative and well-balanced solutions for our Projects.

Where it is necessary to plan flood defence and/or regeneration measures, ecologically high-grade, simply designed, innovative and economical approaches are called for. They must also take into account the various different enhancement, utilisation and, where applicable, protective interests. Wide public acceptance of the project is at least equally important. We will work with you to devise an optimum and enduring comprehensive solution for watercourses with or without hydropower utilisation and can offer all services relating to the revised Water Protection Act.

Wealth of experience

These projects benefit from the wealth of experience our specialists have gained in:

  • Hydroelectric power stations, high- and low-pressure facilities, small-scale hydro-power, pumped-storage power plants, dams and hydraulic steel structures
  • Construction and monitoring of dams
  • Hydraulic engineering, river engineering and flood protection
  • Revitalisation of rivers
  • Natural hazards analysis and flood protection structures
  • Flow simulation and hydrodynamics
  • Seismic safety verification
  • Hydrology and economical assessments

From conceptual design to maintenance

We cover all the phases of a project, from the conceptual design through to project planning, delivery and commissioning, monitoring and maintenance. We draw on our company specialists from the fields of underground construction, foundation engineering, structural engineering and electro-mechanics to form our multidisciplinary teams.