Two-track Underground Expansion of Central Railway Project - Hubelmatt Tunnel

The central railway is undergoing a two-track underground expansion from Lucerne Station to the stop at Kriens Mattenhof. This subproject also includes the 550 m long mined Hubelmatt Tunnel. After deepening the excavations at the two portals in January 2009 work began to drive a test tunnel from the Allmen side with a TBM. At the same time a pipe roof was built on the Geissensteinring side to pass under Stermatt Road. From the end of 2009 until autumn 2010 the calotte was excavated using a roadheader. The core of the stopes was then removed with a rock miner and the road header was used to break through the stope sidewalls and floor. At the end of October 2011 the rearward works such as sealing in the portal area, niches, casing shotcrete and shoulders could be completed. Work was completed in 2012.

Données principales

  • Mined Hubelmatt Tunnel: ca. 550 m
  • TBM test tunnel: D = 3.9 m
  • Calotte excavation width: W = 11.5 m
  • Height of excavation: H = 9.4 m
  • Weight of roadheader: ca. 65 t

Maître d'ouvrage

Department of Transport and Infrastruc-ture (vif), Lucerne

Ingénieurs du projet

IUB Engineering Ltd. (as part of Total Contractor)



Coûts de construction

Approx. CHF 23 million


  • Assistance with Total Contractor bid based on construction project
  • Implementation
  • Construction management and supervision
  • Commissioning/Completion