NEAT: Lötschberg Base Tunnel, Replacement of the Tunnel Control System

Lötschberg Basistunnel

The tunnel control system was replaced as part of the measures to increase the efficiency of the Lötschberg Base Tunnel.

Life-cycle costs and supplier dependency are important criteria in the preparation of specifications. These aims will be achieved through modular design and consistent use of open interfaces.

Comprehensive requirement management creates the basis for smooth process approval in accordance with RAMS.

Données principales

  • Ensuring railway operation
  • Optimised life-cycle costs
  • Minimal dependence on suppliers
  • Flexible and adaptable to future developments
  • Ergonomics, user-firendly
  • Open, well-documented programme code
  • Restriction to essential functions
  • Refurbishment during tunnel operation 

Maître d'ouvrage


Ingénieurs du projet

IUB Engineering Ltd.



Coûts de construction

Control system: CHF 7 million


  • Requirements management
  • Tendering
  • System specifications