HEPP Hinterdorf in Engi / Switzerland

The low head run-of-river power plant of Weseta Kraftwerke AG is located in the village of Hinterdorf in Engi, in the ‘Kleintal’, and was fundamentally renewed.

  • New weir with new flap gate
  • New intake and sedimentation basin
  • Penstock DN2200 instead of open channel
  • Power house with vertical axis Kaplan turbine
  • Rehabilitation and lowering tailrace channel

Données principales

  • River: Sernf
  • Underground penstock in GRP: DN2200, L = 550 m
  • Nominal flow: 7 m3/s
  • Hydraulic head: 10 m
  • Nominal power: 530 kW
  • Annual production: 2.5 GWh

Maître d'ouvrage

Weseta Kraftwerke AG, Engi

Ingénieurs du projet

IM Maggia Engineering Ltd, Locarno



Coûts de construction

CHF 5.5 Mio.




According to the Swiss standards (SIA Phases):

preliminary design (31), final design (32), tendering (41), construction design (51), construction supervision.