Truck Traffic Congestion Lane Knutwilerhöhe

A truck flow regulation point was constructed on the A2 National Road southbound at Knutwilerhöhe. The existing hard shoulder was widened by 2m. A new cable run with ducts was laid along the hard shoulder. New street furniture such as emergency telephones, lighting, road signs and road drainage were installed or moved. A new crash barrier and new road markings were also added along the entire length.

Données principales

  • Length: 2,000 m
  • Clearing: 14,000 m2
  • Base course AC T H: 1,200t
  • Base course AC B 22 H: 1,000t
  • Cover layer SMA 11: 610t
  • Stonewall: 790t

Maître d'ouvrage

Federal Roads Office ASTRA, Zofingen Branch

Ingénieurs du projet

IUB Engineering AG



Coûts de construction

CHF 2.2 million


  • Site supervision
  • Completion works