Construction of Water Pipeline Mättiwilstrasse, Horw Municipality

The existing water pipeline in Mättiwilstrasse, Horw Municipality was replaced. Construction works took place without interrupting traffic. A construction phase plan was developed. Traffic was regulated using a light signalling system.

Données principales

  • Length of water pipeline: 70.6 m
  • Excavation: 275 m3
  • Gravel concrete 0/16: 90 m3
  • Foundation layer: 50m3
  • Surface covering: 115 t
  • (359 Ko)

Maître d'ouvrage

Horw Municipality Water Supply

Ingénieurs du projet

IUB Engineering AG



Coûts de construction

Approx. CHF 100,000


  • Tendering civil works
  • Construction supervision and completion works