Renewal/Extension of the District Heating, Water and Electricity Systems in Weyermannshaus Ost (Berne, Switzerland)

The construction of the new Bern-Forsthaus West waste incineration plant at a new location made it necessary to align the main connector routes to the existing district heating distribution network. The project included the renewal of the old district heating system as well as the connection of new residential and commercial buildings to the district heating network. Furthermore, the water and electricity systems were replaced and parts of the road Murtenstrasse were rehabilitated including road drainage by the municipal civil engineering authority.

Dati principali

  • Length of new district heating pipe Low-temperature DN 100: 110 m
  • Length of new/replaced district heating pipe, medium temperature DN 100 to 150: 360 m
  • Length of new cable conduits 6 PE 132/120: 320 m
  • Length of new water pipes PE DN 125 to 180: 120 m
  • Length of replaced water pipes socket BLS DN 250: 360 m


ewb, Energie Wasser Bern


IUB Engineering Ltd.

Periodo di costruzione


Costi dell'opera

Approx. CHF 1.45 million


  • Study of alternatives, pre-project, detailed project for construction
  • Construction project
  • Tendering and bid evaluation
  • Project execution incl. cable design
  • Electrical works and street lighting
  • Construction supervision