Bicycle Station and Pedestrian Access Olten Ost Main Station

Underground bicycle station between the pedestrian underpasses. Redesign of rail station and platform entrance, new traffic concept for deliveries and station right of way. Bicycle and pedestrian routing guidance.  

Dati principali

  • Reconstructed volume: 3,000 m3
  • Area/design: 4,000 m2


  • Rail passengers and commuter traffic at morning peak time: flow of people, i. e. capcity of the facilities
  • Safety of pedestrians in the underpasses and in the bicycle parking area
  • User safety concept: video surveillance, security service and social control
  • Technical safety, collapse, fire, conflict between pedestrians and bicycles
  • Traffic safety above gound pedestrians, bicycle and motorised traffic when arriving and departing


Construction Department of the City of Olten / SBB Immobilien


IUB Engineering AG in Consortium

Periodo di costruzione


Costi dell'opera

CHF 5 million


  • Preliminary project
  • Construction project
  • Tendering
  • Test engineer