Measurement and Surveying

Our specialists undertake engineering and construction surveying and special measuring projects in construction. The focus is on defining of the specific problem and consulting with the client. Our practical experience and technical know-how enable us to create tailor-made surveying and measuring solutions to suit the requirement. Our specialised teams make use of the latest surveying and measuring equipment. This includes 3D laser scanning, real-time monitoring, digital crack monitoring, inclination and convergence measurement, vibration monitoring and electrical conductivity measurement.

Our range of services includes:

  • Surveying, setting out, and dimensional surveys of facilities
  • Geodetic monitoring of structures, foundation and excavation supports, rock faces, etc.
  • Tunnel surveying for drill-and-blast and mechanised tunnelling
  • Rail surveying, profiling, track geometry monitoring, geomonitoring
  • Establishing trigonometric survey points for basic and deformation grids
  • Topographical models for design elements
  • Monitoring the impact of construction activities and evidencing condition (e.g. cracks), vibration and settlement measurements as well as forecasts
  • Geotechnical measurement of distance, deformation and inclination
  • In-situ testing of concrete quality